Abraham Lincoln Middle School No. 4 Snapshot

Lincoln Middle School (LMS) is committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment for all students in order to prepare them for high school, college, and become productive citizens. Character development, conflict resolution, and peer mediation is infused into the culture of the school to build social skills needed to be successful in our community.

LMS students have many opportunities to be involved within the school community through after school academic and sport programs, as well as various clubs. Our clubs and sports are offered to meet the needs of students’ extracurricular ambitions, improve the culture of the school, and increase student commitment to Lincoln Middle School. 

At Lincoln Middle School 
"Informed Parents ARE Involved Parents!" Our Parent Liaison is committed to providing families with programs and events aligned with the district's Mission, Vision and Focus. Our NEW LMS Parent Academy will serve as the umbrella of all programs specific to supporting the adolescent age and our building climate and culture.  At LMS we understand that your time is valuable.  For your convenience we will be offering our parent academy programs during several days and times throughout the school year. We believe that communication is the most important link between the home and the school. Our broadcast message system, outside message boards and personal contacts are key to keeping you informed.  We look forward toward working with you for the overall success of our students. 

In the effort to meet the needs of each student, Lincoln Middle School is focusing on improving learning and instruction by observing classrooms and providing direct feedback to teachers regularly. The focus will be on increasing teachers’ knowledge and skills, emphasizing rigorous content and student engagement through promoting best practices and critical thinking tasks. 

Teachers engage in daily common planning time (CPT), for the purpose of planning and coordinating lessons or analyzing student data. CPT is also used for additional training and professional development to increase professional growth. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are provided for the purpose of teachers increasing their knowledge of the Danielson Framework for Teaching, Bilingual/Bi-Literacy strategies, English Language Arts best practices, and other topics necessary to improve student learning.  The Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) consists of teachers and administrators with the goal of improving instruction and learning by collaboratively examining best practices and providing our staff with immediate feedback from walkthroughs. The School Improvement Panel (SCIP) is a team of staff members responsible for collaborating with administrators to improve climate and culture, and support teachers in need of improvement. 

We operate a 1:1 school, where every student has access to a device throughout their school day.  Use of technology is infused throughout all classrooms with the use of smart boards and chrome books. Students have the opportunity to use technology in various ways to enhance their experience and apply 21st Century Skills. 

We look forward to the 2015-2016 school year, as an opportunity to continue to challenge our students and to provide them with the necessary skills to reach the high level of expectations that we have set for them at Lincoln Middle School.

A NJ 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program
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