Craig Miller

Craig Miller was elected onto the Board in April 2010. He is Chairperson of the Finance Committee and Special Education Committee and he also serves on the Policy and Negotiations and NJSBA Urban SBA Committees.


Prior to joining the board, Commissioner Miller served as the President of the Passaic Library Board. He is committed to ensuring that Passaic students receive a high-quality education.


Commissioner Miller holds a Master’s Degree in accounting and financial management and has experience in non-profit finance and budgets. As the district develops its annual budget, Mr. Miller’s expertise is used to ensure the district maintains a high level of fiscal responsibility. In addition, he is a strong proponent of programming designed to meet student needs. Mr. Miller has reaffirmed his support of after-school programs noting that “if the programs were to be cut, this would be the perfect example of how not to budget. The budget is not just about money; it’s about core values.”


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