Horacio Ray Carrera

Horacio “Ray” Carrera was elected onto the Board in April 2011. He is the chairperson of the Community Relations Committee and serves on the Athletics, Curriculum and Education, Technology and NJSBA Legislative Committees. He also serves as a Delegate Alternate for NJSBA Delegate Assembly.


Mr. Carrera is the parent of two children, and is proud to be an active member of the Passaic Board of Education. “I feel it’s very easy to sit back, criticize, complain and give opinions on how to better our schools. Real change,” he notes, “can only occur when people work together to identify problems, propose solutions, and implement them. I believe with my experience and willingness to work, I can help the Board improve the quality of education.”


Mr. Carrera attended William Paterson University and is currently a mortgage loan originator. He is most proud of his role as a parent. He contends that parental involvement is so important because it improves not only student academics, but also school safety. He notes, “As parents learn to engage and interact more with their children, the children become less susceptible to the allure of gangs, truancy, and general delinquency.”


As a member of the Passaic Planning Board, Carrera was instrumental in developing the city’s soccer field at Dundee Island Park. Through the years, he has acted as a mentor setting up after-school recreation programs, helping students with homework, and speaking to them about setting goals and maintaining a strong work ethic.


Outside the board, Carrera also serves on the Board of Directors for Passaic’s Head Start, as well as an active member of the Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce.


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