Kenia Flores

Kenia Flores served as a Passaic Board of Education Commissioner from 2013 until 2016 and returned to serve in 2019. She has been a resident of Passaic for the past 36 years and is vested in making a difference within the Passaic Public Schools.


With a double major in Psychology & Elementary Education, she received a Bachelor of Science in 2003 from St. Peter’s University. She gained classroom experience as a student-teacher at Mario J. Drago School # 3. Kenia then went on to pursue a Master of Arts in School Psychology from Fairfield University. She completed her graduate work in 2006. Her practicum and internship experience in an urban setting prepared her for her current role as a School Psychologist within the Elizabeth Public Schools.


Kenia has worked as a School Psychologist for the last 15 years in Elizabeth where she has worked with children from all backgrounds and ages, in particular with the Hispanic community as a member of the bilingual Child Study Team.  Her strengths include identifying the educational and behavioral needs of children while taking into account their cultural needs.


Kenia is enthusiastic and prepared to contribute her knowledge and experience to the Passaic Public School District.  It is her belief that all students can reach their academic potential, given an environment that provides positive values, a sense of community, and encourages creativity and individuality in interests and talents.


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