L. Daniel Rodriguez

L. Daniel Rodriguez was elected to the Board in June of 2016, since then he has been reelected 3 times. His current term will expire in 2024. Mr. Rodriguez is the chairperson for the Athletics, By-Laws, Policy, Negotiations Committees, and a member of the District Operations Committee.


Mr. Rodriguez is an alum of Passaic High School, Class of 1993. He earned a degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. As a parent of three boys and his love for the City of Passaic, Mr. Rodriguez is committed to strengthening the school community and giving every student the opportunity, direction and resources needed in order to be successful, follow their dreams to make them a reality and find their purpose not only “in the classroom” but, “outside of it.”


In addition to his role as a board member, Mr. Rodriguez has decades of volunteering in the City of Passaic. Mr. Rodriguez currently serves on the board of the Roberto Clemente Little League and Youth Academy. Mr. Rodriguez serves as the Chairperson of the Passaic Housing Authority. Mr. Rodriguez is an active and proud member of the Passaic Baseball Booster Alumni, Lajas Civic Club, United Puerto Rican Council, and Team Passaic.


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