Ronald Van Rensalier

Ronald Van Rensalier was elected onto the Board in April 2006. He serves on the District Operations Committee and he is also a delegate for the NJSBA Delegate Assembly.


As the Director of the Passaic Community Development Department, Mr. Van Rensalier brings a strong understanding of the community’s needs to the Board of Education. As a city leader, he is involved in the areas of housing, zoning, planning, construction, and community affairs. In addition to working in the city, he has dedicated his time to many organizations in Passaic, including the Passaic Police Athletic League, Passaic Boys and Girls Club, and Urban Enterprise Zone. He is the former president of Passaic For the Kids, Inc., and has served as a Commissioner on the Board of Adjustment. In addition, he is the co-founder of the Huntoon-Van Rensalier Underground Railroad Foundation, an organization dedicated to recognizing racial cooperation and civic accomplishment.


As an Urban Studies graduate from Rutgers University, Mr. Van Rensalier has a special interest in the impact of schools in neighborhoods. He brings a steadfast belief that the schools are cornerstones of the community, socially and economically. As a Board member, he advocates for student safety and operational excellence.


Mr. Van Rensalier’s motto is “100% focus on the kids.” He continues, “We need to continue to focus our attention on our students and build a school system based around their needs.”


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