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Password Issues

  • If you do not remember your password, please send an email requesting a password reset using your Passaic City email address to John Gojdycz, Student Information Coordinator, at jgojdycz@passaicschools.org  Password resets will only be made if it originates from you official Passaic City email address.

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iPad App Instructions

    1. Open the PowerTeacher mobile app (Download from the Apple app store)
    2. Click the Settings button
    3. Click the Server tab
    4. enter passaic.powerschool.com for the server address (do not put http or https)
    5. Enter 443 as the port
    6. Make sure SSL Enabled shows ON
    7. Click the small login button at the top left corner of the application
    8. Click Select School
    9. Enter the UserName and Password
    10. Click Login