Passaic Public Schools is determined and motivated to increase parental involvement district-wide. Various workshops and classes were strategically planned and conducted to help parents assist their children succeed academically and socially. There are lending libraries for parents to take out books for their enjoyment and to read to their children daily.

Parent Orientation meetings were held at the beginning of the school year introducing administrative team and staff. The Title I Workshops were held to inform parents of their right to be involved with their child’s education. One of the most requested workshops for parents was the English as a Second Language (ESL) class, which was offered to parents to assist with the language barrier and help the parents acquire the English language. A variety of other workshops engaged parents’ participation on Anti-Bullying, Understanding your child’s PARCC test results, health and wellness awareness (Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Physical Fitness and Health, etc.) with an expert from each category establishing hands-on participation from the parents during the presentation. Basic and intermediate computer classes were offered to teach parents how to navigate technology to help their children. Informational field trips were planned to attend Passaic County Community College, preparing parents for furthering their child’s education. Parents met with admission and academic advisors far a day of hands-on college experience and received information on how attainable it is for their child or themselves to attend college. District wide Family Literacy Night workshop was held informing parents in grades Kindergarten to Twelve on an overview of the district’s Language Arts program. The workshop began with an overview of the Language Arts program and ended with grade level break-out sessions with hands-on strategies on how to help their children and what they are learning on a daily basis in school. There was also a Saturday Parent Academy launched for three months where the following classes were offered: ESL, Computer, Literacy workshop, Math workshop, and Arts & Crafts.

Parents also participated in various commemorative events throughout the year such as; Hispanic Heritage Month, Honor Roll Assembly, Holiday Concert, Black History Month, Health fairs and Olympic Day, where they would get a chance to meet and celebrate the accomplishments attained with other parents and students. A district-wide 6th grade orientation meeting was held to introduce and inform all parents on what to expect and what was offered at the middle school level. The Dominican Consulate Meritorious Award Event was held to honor 21 selected students and their families in New York City for outstanding student achievement.