The Passaic Board of Education is a Type II school district whose boundaries are coterminous with the City of Passaic in Passaic County, New Jersey. You can see the district map here.

The district’s Board has nine (9) members that are elected for three (3) year overlapping terms. The members of the Board are residents of the City of Passaic. The Passaic Board of Education is annually organized on any day of the first or second week following the April school election.

All Passaic Board of Education meetings are public. The Board holds regularly scheduled public meetings once a month.

The district provides a full range of free public educational services to grade levels prekindergarten through grade 12 for residents of the City of Passaic. These educational services include general and career and technical education, as well as special programs to address the educational needs of children with disabilities. The district also provides programs for those children requiring academic remediation and for children with limited English language proficiency.