Passaic Gifted and Talented Academy School No. 20


Passaic Gifted and Talented Academy, School No. 20, is located on 19 Henry Street, Passaic, New Jersey. School No. 20 serves students in grades 2 through 8. The school was opened in 2015 as the districts first Gifted and Talented Academy. Students are selected based on auditions for Academics, Performing Arts, Physical Education, or Visual Arts.


School No. 20 is comprised of approximately 1000 students. Students can choose math or language arts support, school play, specialized bands and choruses, Destination Imagination, National Junior Honor Society, Model United Nations, among many other courses.


Input from parents and members of the community is essential to sustaining a vibrant and welcoming culture at PGTA. We look forward to developing and maintain a robust School-Parent Team that supports learning for all students and provides resources and opportunities for experiential learning in all strands.


Within each strand students are exposed to rigorous content that requires them to rely on content and skills learned in core content areas, make connections to other strands, showcase their gifts and talents, and compete at local and state competitions. Each strand has a focus and offers specific courses:


Academics: Students will be exposed to challenging and engaging humanities and STEM curricula that will build student skills and abilities to compete in the global arena. Courses include: Literature & Film; Intro to Finance; Experimental Science; Poetry & Spoken Word; Advanced Mathematics; Medical Technology; Trigonometry in Careers.


Performing Arts: Students will learn elements of expression, interpretation, movement, and the performer-audience relationship in a variety of domains including vocal, instrumental, dance, and drama. Courses include: Songwriting; Introduction to Theater; Music Composition; Chorus; Band; Strings Orchestra.


Physical Education: Students will foster teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship through character development and team and individual sports. Courses Include: Leadership; Basic First Aid & CPR; Coaching; Sports Specific Skills Training.


Visual Arts: Students will develop and refine observational drawing skills, broaden experiences in a variety of media, solve challenging problems of visual composition, and develop creative thinking to produce critically acclaimed works of art. Courses include: 2 and 3D Art; Videography; Digital Photography; Computer Programing/Animation; 3D Printing.