School No. 17


School No. 17 is located at 95-99 Dayton Avenue in Passaic, New Jersey.  Our school has over 500 students spanning pre-kindergarten to first grade.


It is the school’s mission to provide the students and staff a safe and nurturing environment enriched by diversity. The staff is dedicated to providing a supportive environment in which all students can reach their maximum academic potential, while developing as responsible citizens who respect individuality.


The staff members work collaboratively with the parents to ensure successful learning experiences. The staff creates lifelong readers, instills the love of learning, and builds confidence and respect. The activities in the classroom promote academic success and positive behavior. The staff meets regularly to discuss data, student work, and to use effective research-based teaching practices. The bar is raised to ensure productivity, cooperation and results. The students are carefully monitored for individual learning needs to ensure instruction addresses learning styles and multiple intelligences.


Communication is an essential element in parent involvement. Parents are informed of their child’s progress at all times. Workshops and classes are held monthly for the parents. Parental involvement is a key factor to the success of the students.