George Washington School No. 2


George Washington School No. 2 is located on 48 Bergen St, Passaic, NJ 07055. School No. 2 serves students in grades K-1, with an enrollment of approximately 200 students.  School No. 2 students have opportunities to learn beyond the regular school day and year.  Learning starts before the bell with Morning Study Hall and continues with an After School program.


Morning Study Hall provides students time in the morning to complete assignments, work one on one with a staff member, or have any homework questions answered before students head off to class.  Students who end their day with the After School Program enjoy enrichment activities, which expand upon the skills, and concepts students learned during Math and ELA.


At School No. 2 we value parent involvement. The goal of our parent teacher organization is to promote community collaboration that supports a quality education for our students. We offer monthly parent workshops covering subjects such as homework help and grade level expectations.