George Washington School No. 2

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For Grades K-5

For Grades K-8, also in Spanish

For Grades PreK-12, needs JAVA

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Washington School 2 is a kindergarten through grade 2 School. We offer bilingual and monolingual instruction at every grade level. Our highly qualified teachers plan together on a weekly basis in order to bring the very best and most creative ideas to their classrooms. Out-of-classroom teachers and support personnel, like our school nurse, collaborate in order to provide enrichment opportunities for our students. Professional development opportunities are provided at faculty and extended day meetings.

Small group differentiated instruction allows Washington School 2 teachers to accelerate students at benchmark level and effectively remediate those who progress more slowly. Undergoing change in education is beneficial when it strives to address the needs of the school’s population. We have already accomplished our Phase 1 transition. The physical environment at School 2 has changed. Classroom libraries and corresponding congregative rug areas are in use where read alouds take place daily. Communal rectangle tables have replaced individual desks. Small group differentiated instruction in reading and the other academic disciplines is in place. Teachers plan and log differently using innovative formats..

Our parents are aware of the changes at School 2 and support our efforts. They attend parent meetings, report card conferences and elaborate stage presentations where children develop public speaking skills as per NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards.

Our school is a work in progress as we carefully monitor the development and changing needs of our children. We look forward to the future with confidence and commitment.